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The PM Office specialists. Improving performance one client at a time.
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Delivering L3+ PMO performance for less!
  • Our PMIQ Maturity Management System will help you achieve full level 3+ performance quickly & affordably.
  • Portfolio, Program, & Project services & solutions will transform PMO operations, teams, & outcomes.
  • Integrated methods, tools, & governance "systems" combine to institutionalize "continuous optimization"
You have the skills - let PMOSoft bring the tools to help you succeed!


The PMO exists to drive project performance & product quality.

As a result, process is square one for the best-in-class PMO, but engineering, implementation, & adoption is time-consuming & costly. Many PMO's don't survive the 2-3 years required to fully mature and fulfill their mandate.

PMOSoft's out of the box solutions & expertise produce immediate results at a fraction of the costs of going it alone. Let us help you realize the full potential of your PMO in a time-frame & at a cost your executives can support.

Management & SME Engagement
  • Critical goals & pain points
  • Success criteria
Positional (or Gap) Analysis
  • Identify missing methodology
  • Document closure requirements
Process Definition & Flowcharting
Procedure Development
Training, Release, & Handoff

Web Applications

Speed doesn't have to be the enemy of quality. Our PMIQ System is proof.

This suite of process savvy web apps make process modelling, compliance, & management as easy as pointing and clicking.

The result: users experience greater consistency in every aspect of project delivery. A common language forms around repeatable methods, tools, & work products, improving project communications & reporting clarity. Project administration costs fall as user friendly interfaces & built in reports replace what previously required hours of manual effort. PMIQ highlights include:

Web based PM Information System
  • PMO, Program, & Project
PMO Workflow & Data Management
  • Program & Project Team definition
  • Requirements gathering & Planning
  • Milestones & Deliverables
  • Activities & Tasks
  • Change, Risk, Issues, Actions, & Escalations
PMO Governance
  • Lifecycle & workflow rules
  • Quality document control
  • Corrective actions & lessons learned


Change is hard.

That said, change is also critical to survival.

Teams will rise to the occasion when they believe in the value of change, and when they're given a voice in the nature, scope, and delivery method.

At PMOSoft, we wouldn't have it any other way.  We know that change is most effective when stakeholders also become change champions.

Collaborative design approach
  • Increases team stake/buy in.
  • Facilitates an improvement oriented culture
Communications & reporting
Team training & transition support
Compliance tracking & reporting
  • Role focused tools & procedures
  • Improvement tools & procedures


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